Here these are the messages conveyed by Mr Safuady, the chief of Human Resource Development Training Center  during the opening of SPIRIT III Pre Departure Program, January 14th  2013:

Character is the main key to build this country.

You are the creator of your destiny.

Education is not only to educate but also to prosper.

A ship anchored in port is safe, but it is not the purpose of ship be made. A ship is made to face the ferocity of the oceans.

Build character must be begun with coercion. Coercion => forced => used => habit

Throw away your snob!

Be the best you can be!

Set your dream and achieve success, work earlier before anyone else works, work longer than others, and reduce sleeping and leisure time!

Be diligent and persistent!

By reading, listening, and writing, each can only absorb 15% of information we received. By sharing with others and do it repeatedly, we will get 100%.