One of my dreaming countries to visit is England. Growing up, I am an England Premiere League fan. I have been watching this football league since 1996. My favorite club is Manchester United, one of the best football clubs in the world, which have won Champions League three times. In the future, I want to watch MU match directly in Old Trafford stadium. I want to feel the great atmosphere amid seventy thousand fans yell.

The other country I want to visit is Germany. I had studied German for three years in senior high school. Although I have already forgotten all the materials :D, the impressions of this country is still remained on my mind. It would be nice to live in this very tidy country.

Being a World Bank grantee drag me closer to the dream. I can choose any country to get my master degree. I have planned to choose European country so that I can visit those countries during my study. Thank God for giving me this opportunity.