If I could go back to the place and time in the past, I would go back to my senior high school period. I think I did not do anything in that period.  I just realized this after I went to the college and saw the other students had a lot of experience during their senior high school period. They had done many extracurricular activities and contributed more to the society instead of sat only in the class and became a geek.

As an example, my friend in college experienced in interchange student program. He lived in Australia for one year. He got priceless learning with different system, could learn another nation culture and of course he could improve his English significantly. My other friend had climbed most of the high mountains in the island, even he had succeeded in reaching top of Mountain Semeru, the highest mountain in Java and top of Mountain Rinjani, the 3rd highest mountain in Indonesia.

I am very envy to my wife. She had done so many extracurricular activities in her senior high school time. She joined Girl Scout and became the commander. She also became a member of art group, which actively produced and performed poems and dramas.  Furthermore she joined adventure club and marching group.

On the other hand, in my senior high school time, I just only concentrated to achieve good grade in all subjects. I went to school in 06.00 am and went back home in the afternoon. It was such a boring activities because I did it every day, six days a week.

All in all, if I could go back, I would join my senior high school football club, active in adventure club and doing something that have benefit to the society such as involved in student science research.