Many people think Indonesian football has recovered from an injury. A saviour has come through the form of La Nyala Mataliti (LNM). The National Team has been rebuilt which consist of the best players.
However, I strongly believe that it is entering an extreme danger. The Mafias have already comeback.
Have a look at the men behind LNM: Joko Driyono and Hinca Panjaitan. All of them are the “old player”. It is a reincarnation of Nurdin Halid regime with the same man behind the gun, Nirwan D Bakrie (NDB).
We agree that Djohar Arifin regime is incapable, but by giving LNM the authority is a clear blunder. Apparantly, Djohar Arifin don’t has ammunition anymore since Arifin Panigoro go back down.
Corruption and game fixation are the real threat. PSSI may be the most unaccountable body in this country. Law enforcement in this body is very weak. Moreover the NDB would set the champion of the league. So we already know who will win the leage? Who else.

For information related to mafia in PSSI, please check @footballnesia favorites.