6.30 am, December 24th 2010, we had succeeded in reaching top of Mountain Semeru, the highest land in Java. It was rather late from our plan to reach the peak before sunrise. It was not easy to step in this spot. We had to struggle more than five hours in scrambling more than 45o sands slope, one kilometer before the peak.

Even, the difficulties had rose since in the planning when we had to arrange the transport, logistics and equipment.  As an expedition starter, I had to ensure this trip would run well. It was difficult enough to divide the portion of work for nine expedition members, which came from five different cities. In order to ease the work, we pointed some members to be responsible for preparing each section.

However, we could tackle the problems, and in December 21st 2010, all team members gathered in Tumpang, the last town that we would pass. We completed all the requirement here and we were ready to start our journey.

The hardest problem emerged in “summit attack” day. Early in the morning, at 01:00 am we started to move headed the top. Three of the member has made a leap in the front, far away from the others. Meanwhile, six of us were left behind because one of the members was suffering from hypothermia. He kept vomiting and trembling. In that time, it was crossed in my mind that we would not succeed to achieve our goal. My determination was that we had to reach the top together.

We had been walking for three hours and there were no signs that the peak of the mountain was close to us. The horrible moment happened when one of us unintentionally touched the head-big stone and dropped it. It was rolling and hit my friend’s leg who step in the lower slope. Luckily, it was not cause serious injury.

The sun had risen and we still struggling in the middle of sea of sand. Fortunately, my friend was getting better and he could walk steadily. We kept giving him support and motivation.

Finally, at 06.30 am we reach the peak. Some of us were crying soon after we step in this highest land in Java. It was a great moment when we saw the surrounding view. The sea of clouds was so amazing. We were the one above the clouds.