Pilihan Moda Transportasi di Lisboa



Lisboa, salah satu kota tertua di Eropa yang terletak di muara sungai Tagus, menawarkan kepada penghuni dan pendatangnya sebuah kehidupan yang autentik: gereja tua di setiap sudut kota, trem kayu yang sudah langka di dunia, dan trotoar jalanan yang terbuat dari mozaik batu alam.

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The Easiest Way To Reach Bromo From Yogyakarta

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For abroad tourist, Yogyakarta (Jogja) and Bromo are the compulsory places to visit in Indonesia.

Yogyakarta is the special province (kingdom) located in Central Java, while Bromo located in Probolinggo region, West Java. After visiting Yogyakarta, it is suggested to visit Bromo. This two cities is separated by distance approximately 374 km.

In Yogyakarta, the tourist can explore the Kingdom Palace, batik villages, museums, Parangtritis Beach, Pindul Cave, the ultimate beautiful and virgin Gunungkidul beaches, Borobudur and Prambanan temple, and so many tourist resorts.

Meanwhile, Bromo is known as the most beautiful volcano complex in Java. It consists of two active volcanoes (Bromo and Semeru), couple of lakes (Ranu Pane, Ranu Kumbolo, Ranu Senduro), sand sea, waterfall (Madakaripura), and very wide grassland. More over, the best spot to see sunrise in Indonesia is located in Bromo, in Pananjakan Hill, just like view in post cards.

The easiest way to reach Bromo from Jogja is using train, Sri Tanjung train. It is economic class train starts from Lempuyangan railway station in Jogja at 07.15 a.m, leaving for Banyuwangi (East Java). This route passes through Probolinggo, the nearest city from Bromo. Since it is the economic one, the fare is very cheap, less than Rp. 100.000 (Rp 94.000,-). While it is economic class, it is completed by air conditioner, electricity plug in panel to charge your gadgets, and very clean toilets. In addition, the train is not crowded by the passengers. All the passengers can sit in the desk comfortably. Don’t worry, you can put your big carrier bag or luggage in the baggage, above of your head safely.

This train arrives in Probolinggo at 04.33 pm. Get off at this railway station and after that, the tourists can take motorcycle taxi (ojek) heading to Probolinggo bus terminal. From the terminal, they should take minibus/caravan heading to Bromo. Its fare is approximately Rp.50.000.

There is an alternative train, which is Logawa Train. It’s route is Purwokerto (Central Java) to Jember (West Java), however, it stops in Lempuyangan station (jogja) and Probolinggo station. It starts from Lempuyangan Jogja at 8.55 am and arrive in Probolinggo at 5.31 pm. The fare is Rp. 74.000,-.

Using the same train (Sri Tanjung), tourists also can easily go to Kawah Ijen in Banyuwangi (East Java), which is the last destination of the train (Banyuwangi Station). Beside Kawah Ijen, Banyuwangi also known for its surfing area in G-land, one of the best surfing spot in the world.

SEBELAS PATRIOT – Bacaan Wajib Calon Pemain Timnas PSSI

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Patriotisme dan nasionalisme bisa tumbuh dari mana saja, termasuk dengan membaca. Mungkin celah ini yang dimanfaatkan Andrea Hirata untuk mendongkrak patriotisme anak muda Indonesia.

Jika dalam novel Laskar Pelangi Andrea Hirata (Ikal) berperan sebagai anak yang gemar bulutangkis, maka di novel Sebelas Patriot ini dia berperan sebagai seorang anak yang gemar bermain sepakbola. Kisahnya berawal ketika dia menyibak tabir sejarah ayahnya yang ternyata adalah seorang pemain bola mumpuni di Belitong pada jaman penjajahan Belanda.

Novel ini terdiri dari dua latar: pertama, pada jaman penjajah di mana ayahnya yang saat itu bekerja sebagai pegawai tambang berjuang melawan kolonialisme dengan cara membela klub sepakbola pribumi melawan klub sepakbola kolonial. Yang kedua saat ikal remaja berusaha mewujudkan mimpinya untuk menjadi pemain timnas PSSI demi membahagiakan sang ayah.

Dari segi cerita, novel ini sangat menarik dengan bumbu patriotisme anak muda. Di sini dipaparkan bahwa perjuangan melawan kolonialisme tak semata hanya bisa dilakukan dengan cara berperang mengangkat senjata di medan laga namun juga bisa dilakukan oleh seorang pemain sepak bola kampung. Novel ini juga mengajarkan semangat pantang menyerah untuk meraih impian: digambarkan betapa gigihnya si Ikal berlatih bersama teman-temannya untuk menembus seleksi Timnas PSSI mulai dari tingkat kabupaten hingga tingkat nasional.

Alur yang lambat dengan rangkaian peristiwa nan detail akan membawa pembaca tenggelam dalam cerita, seakan terlibat dalam peristiwa. Hal ini tampak dalam ilustrasi pertandingan sepak bola antara tim primbumi melawan tim kolonial. Pilihan kata-kata melayu khas Andrea Hirata juga menambah indah bahasanya. Tak ketinggalan, Andrea Hirata juga memasukkan cerita-cerita jenaka dalam novelnya.

Satu hal yang membuat novel ini jadi kurang greget adalah penebusan kegagalan meraih mimpi si Ikal untuk menjadi pemain tim nasional PSSI dengan “hanya” mendapatkan kaos tim Real Madrid yang ditanda tangani oleh pemain favoritnya, Luis Figo. Seakan tak sebanding memang, tapi di luar itu novel ringan itu (112 halaman) sangat layak dibaca oleh generasi muda kita tuk menumbuhkan semangat nasionalisme yang mulai tergerus zaman.

Mobile Phone Addiction

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I often get told by my wife that I spend too much time with my mobile phone.
Actually, I use my mobile phone mostly to connect to the internet. Reading news and searching information in google are the most “wasting” time I do. Furthermore, I also spend a lot of time by connecting to the social media: facebook, twitter and whatsapp (chatting application).
I realize that it is not “healthy” to spend all day long by holding my mobile phone. However, it is not easy to change this habit. All I can do is to steadily reduce my addiction to it and give more attention to the real world.

The Region I live

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I was born in Gunungkidul, the most remote area of Jogjakarta. It lies in south east Jogja. While it is true that it is a dry region, Gunungkidul has so many beautiful tourism spot.
Gunungkidul is known for its beautiful beaches and caves. There are hundreds of beach and cave there. Even though you can not surf in it, it provide you amazing scenery.
The government has built sufficient infrastructures to support the tourism. The roads toward the tourism area are so smooth. More over, like another Jogja area, the people are very polite and kind and the price is also quite cheap.
Finally, if you visited Gunungkidul caves, Jombang and Grubug for example, you would experience in viewing amazing view of underground rivers.

Good Sites for Learning English

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There are so many sites that we can use to learn English via internet. Here, I will name some of them which I consider very good to improve our English.
1. esl-lab.org
For those who will blast their listening, they have to visit this site and try the rehearsals. It is contained sets of listening materials including the recordings, the questions, the script and the vocabulary indexes.
2. abcnews.com
You can either hear and read the news. Its combination will lead you to have good pronunciation.
(To be continued)

Save Indonesian Football!

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Many people think Indonesian football has recovered from an injury. A saviour has come through the form of La Nyala Mataliti (LNM). The National Team has been rebuilt which consist of the best players.
However, I strongly believe that it is entering an extreme danger. The Mafias have already comeback.
Have a look at the men behind LNM: Joko Driyono and Hinca Panjaitan. All of them are the “old player”. It is a reincarnation of Nurdin Halid regime with the same man behind the gun, Nirwan D Bakrie (NDB).
We agree that Djohar Arifin regime is incapable, but by giving LNM the authority is a clear blunder. Apparantly, Djohar Arifin don’t has ammunition anymore since Arifin Panigoro go back down.
Corruption and game fixation are the real threat. PSSI may be the most unaccountable body in this country. Law enforcement in this body is very weak. Moreover the NDB would set the champion of the league. So we already know who will win the leage? Who else.

For information related to mafia in PSSI, please check @footballnesia favorites.

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