Stapala climbing wall

Stapala climbing wall

In the end of March, STAPALA has a new climbing wall after its old climbing wall has been restored. It is seventeen meters in height and made from fiber panels that replaced the wood panels. This climbing wall used to be the highest climbing in Jakarta when it was built in 1996.

It is very challenging wall climbing since it has two “roofs” and an “over hang” (sloping wall) in the middle of it. It also have “bouldering” wall surrounding its steel construction, which equipped with so many “points” that can be chosen by the climbers to make climbing path. Moreover, the constructor ensures the safety by set the anchors straightly in the steel frame.

In addition, with very nice color combination between yellow and blue, it is an eye-catching building amid the college ones.

Stapala cimbing wall

Stapala cimbing wall.2

Wanna try this climbing wall?

Please come to STAPALA-STAN, Jl Bintaro Utama, Bintaro Jaya Sektor V, Jakarta Selatan.

Phone 021-7371171.

We provide complete equipments and qualified belayers.