Some universities require more than 80 in iBT TOEFL for those who will apply for; even, most of European universities require more than 90. Since I got “only” 79 in my last iBT test, I have to strive to achieve more score in the next test. My target is to achieve 100, and here these are my strategies in achieving that score:

  1. I will ask my wife to give me minimal two questions a day, which I have to answer each question in one minute.
  2. I will write minimal one essay, journal/diary or article in English and post it to my blogs.
  3. I will read grammar material at least fifteen minutes per day.
  4. I will read one article/news in the morning and one article/news in the afternoon.
  5. I will memorize five new words every day.
  6. I will undergo test simulation for reading and listening section minimal one passage for each section.
  7. I will set tight schedule in go to bed and wake up.
  8. I will watch movies/documentary movies/TV series (optional)
  9. I will listen to the music/radio (optional).
Num. Description Time table
1 Wake up 04.30 am
2 Read news and collect new words 05.00 am
3 Rehearsal for reading and listening 05.30 – 07.00 am
4 Reading news 16.30 pm
5 Watching Movie 17.00 pm
6 Rehearsal for speaking 19.30 pm
7 Reading grammar material 20.30 pm
8 Rehearsal for writing 21.00 pm
9 Memorize new words 22.00 pm
10 Go to bed 22.30 pm
11 Test simulation in all sections: Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing at the weekend

I hope these strategies will help me to achieve my target. Furthermore, I can chase my dream to go to Europe.